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About Us

Hi.  Welcome to Surfinspire.  If you reached this page, you may be wondering.....What the heck is Surfinspire?

Truth is, it's alot of things, with a common message at the heart.  Be inspired to pursue your dreams and live the life you want.  While we can't do this for you entirely, we can surely help, by providing you with quality beachwear, exciting new music, and inspiring stories.  Here's a bit about the different parts of our site and what you can expect.

The Shop (Not Just for Surfers): 

Whether you surf daily at the beach or just surf the web at your desk, we think Surfinspire is for you.  You can find anything you need for your beach excursion, your next surf sesh, or to just live the beach lifestyle from anywhere.  Our goal is simple; to provide you with quality, fashionable, and fun products to take with you to the beach or leave you feeling inspired by the idea of the beach, if you can't make it there.

The Music:

Surfinspire is not only a shop.  It's also where you can come to discover new music.  For many (myself included) music is one of the most inspiring things there is.  Whether it be listening to your favorite band or writing and playing your own tunes, music can do amazing things.  Discovering and sharing new music is something I have always loved, and part of what I hope to do on Surfinspire, is introduce you to some new bands that you may not have heard.  You may just find your new favorite band.

The Blog:

The Blog will contain exciting entries on a variety of topics but will mostly focus on surfing, music, and most importantly truly inspiring stories that I feel you should all hear about.  You can also find out about upcoming surfing and music events that Surfinspire will be at.



Surf Inspired

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